Curriculum Goals and Objectives


Developmental Continuum



Haddonfield’s Inclusive Preschool is a half-day, 5 day per week program that includes both students with and without special needs.  For non-disabled students, transportation is only offered on a fee basis and limited to availability – restrictions apply.


Please be advised that the Haddonfield School District Board of Education has approved the 2018-19 Preschool Tuition Rates:

·$2,700.00 for new students

·$2,400 for returning students

·$1,000 transportation fee (optional if transportation is within home school and requested – pick up and drop off must be consistent all 5 days)

Billing Invoices will go out from Barbara Nobel ( at the Board Office in August, with the next payment due being September 15th.


If your child is selected for the 19/20 preschool class, you will be notified via e-mail by March 1st with deposit due April 1stUpon initial selection, wait list will continue to be used for rolling attendance as spots are open.